Echo SideKick Tutorial

Make sure you have enabled the SideKick skill in the Alexa app and have linked it with your Amazon account.

Setup A Location

A location must be set to ensure your device is unique to your account.  You may use one of the predefined locations or enter a custom location using Add Location. (Please note that if you do not want to specify a location in your command to Alexa you must set the location as Kitchen.) A password that is at least 7 characters long must be set in conjunction with the location. This is to keep someone from randomly changing the location and also as a security measure. If you forget your password you can click Forgot? and you will receive an email instructing you to reset it. Password reset links are only valid for 30 minutes.

Add Network Camera

Network cameras that support RTSP can automatically be displayed on your device. Specify the location of the camera and then refer to the documentation of the camera for the RTSP stream URL.

If you would like to setup all cameras on one device and then have them pushed to other devices running the Echo SideKick app tap the Sync Cameras To Server button. Any other available devices will automatically get configured. If you are adding a device and cameras have previously been setup you can tap the Sync Cameras From Server button .

Enable Intercom

If you have 2 or more devices running the Echo Sidekick app you can enable the intercom feature. This will allow you to have two way communication between the devices. Once enabled the app will automatically discover other devices that also have the intercom feature enabled.

Local Weather

The weather widget is only enabled on the paid version. Weather conditions will automatically be displayed based on your IP address. Sometimes the IP address will cause your location to be incorrect. You can manually specify your city and state here.


There are various commands Alexa can send to the Echo SideKick app. Please remember, if the location you are trying to send a command to is not the Kitchen you must specify that location in your command.

Alexa, tell side kick, set timer for chicken to five minutes. 
Alexa, tell side kick, play the latest video from Good Mythical Morning in the office.
Alexa, tell side kick, send message to bedroom, dinner is ready.
Alexa, tell side kick, bring up driveway camera in the office.
Alexa, tell side kick, find Sarahs phone.
Alexa, tell side kick, search YouTube for funny videos.
Alexa, tell side kick, search youtube for funny videos on fail army.
Alexa, tell side kick, launch twitter.
Alexa, tell side kick, get national news.
(Can be National, World, Business, Sports, and Entertainment)


Routines are the latest feature of the Echo SideKick app. You do not need an Echo device to use this feature. Routines can be accessed by tapping the green loop button in the menu bar. Currently you can set a routine to play the latest news, YouTube channel video, or both at a predefined time and day or days. Routines will continue on weekly until you remove them. So if you set a routine for Monday at 8:00am it will go off every Monday at approximately 8:00am until you remove it. Routines should not be used as an alarm clock. Routines are recommended to be used in conjunction with an alarm clock.